For each statement mentioned below, choose the option that best describes you

Student name :

1 : I can navigate maps easily

2 : I often hum or whistle to myself

3 : The last time I learned something new (e.g. matching a balance sheet, chemistry formula, psychology theory) I gave it a try myself

4 : In the past one year, there is an animal that I have been closely associated with as a pet, feeding stray dogs, supporting an animal rights organization, etc.

5 : The last time I assembled furniture or any other item of household use, I did not need to refer to the instruction manual

6 : I enjoy English and social studies, more than math and science

7 : I go out with friends ______ times in a month

8 : My best performance comes when left alone to play or study

9 : I meditate _______

10 : I play logic puzzles such as sudoku ______ times in a week

11 : I am praised and recognized for my writing

12 : I have played an active role in organising/leading ______ social or cultural events at school or outside during the last 2 years

13 : I like having music on in the background

14 : I spend time in nature (e.g. in a park) ______ times in a week.

15 : If I am learning how to do something I like to see drawings and diagrams of how it works

16 : I have experienced rides such as roller coasters ______ times during the last two years

17 : I play a sport or dance ______ times in a week

18 : I often reflect on the meaning and purpose of life

19 : I am able to reproduce clear images in my mind even when my eyes are closed or the objects are not in front of me

20 : Singing makes me happy

21 : I helped a friend or family member with emotional support and advice _____ times during the last six months

22 : I have a good memory for names, places, dates, and other information

23 : I have supported or have been involved with a social or environmental cause _____ times during the last two years

24 : In my last examinations, I scored ______ marks in Mathematics

25 : Drawing, painting, sculpting, doodling, etc. are my hobbies

26 : I can moderate my anger and feelings amidst adverse situations

27 : I can identify most sounds without seeing what causes them

28 : Besides my mother tongue, I can speak _____ languages

29 : I find budgeting and managing my money easy

30 : I love animals and often watch discovery or similar channels

31 : I feel that ideas and solutions to problems come to me while I am exercising or doing some sort of physical activity

32 : I prefer team sports over individual sports

33 : I write in my diary or talk to myself (out loud in my head) _____ times a week

34 : I speak with my hands and other body gestures

35 : In my last examinations, I scored _____ marks in English

36 : I like plants and maintain a garden in my house/ balcony of my flat

37 : During my last trip to a new city, I was able to navigate my way around easily

38 : I play _____ number of instruments

39 : I often initiate conversations with strangers

40 : I like to do experiments at school

41 : In the last two years, I have participated in _____ debates and/or group discussions at school or outside

42 : I enjoy activities that require fine-motor coordination such as origami, making paper airplanes, building models, finger-painting, pottery, or knitting

43 : The last time I was trying to understand a new concept, I converted it into a table, chart or a diagram for easier learning

44 : I find that the music that appeals to me is often based on how I feel emotionally

45 : My family members and friends involve me in resolving their disputes with others

46 : I play and enjoy strategy games such as chess, checkers and brain teasers

47 : I feel alive when I connect with nature

48 : I can recollect that I have analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and successes and failures _____ times in the past year

49 : I worry about the future of the planet and the negative impact on the environment

50 : I serve as a magnet for social activities with others

51 : I can throw things well – darts, skimming, pebbles, frisbees, etc.

52 : My goals for university and my career path are clearly defined in my mind

53 : From my last trip to a new city, I remember the names of all the hotels and restaurants I visited

54 : I am curious about how things work

55 : I have won _____ numbers of awards for my musical (singing/ instruments) performances in the last two years

56 : My room has ______ paintings and/or photographs of myself/friends/family/places that I have visited/objects of passion (e.g. cars, music)